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Helsinki Wind Music Association was found in 2016 to increase the number of both amateur and professional musicians in the field of wind music in Helsinki area. The association organizes events for different target groups and serves as a link between individual musicians, amateur bands, music institutions and orchestras.

Helsinki Wind Music Association is in charge of organizing the national event Valtakunnalliset Puhallinpäivät, wind musicians’ conference, in March 12th to 18th 2018. The event takes place in Musiikkitalo (Helsinki Music Centre) and it offers variety of concerts, master courses, seminars and lectures. For more information:



Monday 12.3.

at 12 National opening fanfare

at 16-21 Conducting master course for teahcers already leading a band


Tuesday 13.3.

At 16-21 Conducting master course continues


Wednesday 14.3.

At 10-15 Conducting course lecture

at 17-19 Sibelius-Academy wind band conducting open class


Thursday 15.3.

Mastercourse for students from music institutions, lectures for teachers begin

at 10-12 French horn (Toivonen, Joukamo)

at 10-12 Flute (Alanko)

at 10-14 Open dress rehearsal, Helsinki Philharmonics

at 13-15 Trumpet (Eskola, Pirinen)

at 13-15 Clarinet (Mäki)

at 15-17 Oboe (Pesu)

at 15-17 Saxophone (Kannaste)

at 15-17 Trombone (Rissanen, Malmivirta)

at 17-19 Bassoon (Luoma)

at 18-18.45 Petit Overture – clarinet association

at 19:00 Concert, Helsinki Philharmonics

at 21 Wind club – musicians from the orchestra


Friday 16.3.

Mastercourses, pedagogical demonstration lessons, association meetings.

at 10-12 Tuba – barytone (Keskitalo, Myllys)

at 10-12 Teaching clarinet beginners (Järvelä, Kivikataja)

at 10-12 LECTURE A. Jääskeläinen & S. Vuorinen: Knowledge of body and mind as a wind instrumentalist – tools for teachers

at 12-19 Publishers and instrument presenters open the exhibition

at13-15 Teaching low brass beginners, (Laine, Rissanen, Saraskari)

at 13-15 Teaching groups, oboe (Pesu, Lehtonen, Sallner)

at 13-15 Pedagogic for saxophone (Keikkonen)

at 16-18 LECTURE Dobosiewicz, Yläkorhola, Räsänen: Young musicians in big bands – maintaining the enthusiasm

at 15-17 Pedagogics for french horn (Loiske, Patana)

at 15-17 Teahching bassoon beginners in a group (Kuoppa, Toivanen)

at 17 Sibelius-Academy chamber groups

at 17-19 Pedagogic for trumpet (Sinisalo, Nyberg)

at 17-19 Group teaching with small and bigger flute students (Latonen, Talvitie)

at 19 Gregor Witt: Oktetto

at 20.30-22 Social evening – Sibelius-Academy Jazzensembles


Saturday 17.3.

Concerts, demonstration concerts of new material, meetings.

at 10-19 Publishers and instrument presenters open the exhibition

at 10-11 Demonstration concert grade 1-2 Eastwind concert band

at 11-12 Helsinki Police Band Childrens concert

at 11-12 Demonstration concert grade C PJK Big Band

at 12-13 Demonstration concert grade 3-4 Helsinki amateur wind bands

at 13-16 Percussion and drums (Rislakki, Ketola)

at 13:30 Demonstration concert grade B Junior All Star Big Band

at 14:30 Demonstration concert grade 5-6 Finnish Symphonic Wind Professionals

at 16:00 The Guards Band and Academy Winds

at 21:00 UMO Jazz Orchestra & Randy Brecker


Sunday 18.3.

at 10-15 Publishers and instrument presenters open the exhibition

at 10-13 Concert cavalcade: parade bands and junior concert bands around Finland

at 13-15 Chamber groups

at 15 Final Concert solist Gunhild Carling, trumpet, trombone